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Baby with a cute dogie.
The Great Baby Weight Gain Adventure: A Journey of Diapers, Drool, and Delicious Chub
The miracle of baby weight gain is like witnessing a magic trick where chubby cheeks appear overnight, and suddenly, onesies shrink in the wash. As a seasoned parent, I can assure you that behind those...
Diaper and other essentials.
A Hilarious Guide to the Colorful World of Diapers
The joyous journey of parenthood! Among the myriad of baby-related experiences, there’s one aspect that we just can’t ignore: poop. Yes, you heard it right! From the mustardy-yellow meconium...
Little baby sleeping.
Sleepy Time Stories: Decoding the Mystery of Newborn Sleep Positions
The newborn sleep is like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube while riding a unicycle. As a fellow survivor of the sleep-deprived trenches, let me be your guide through the perplexing world of newborn...
Father and baby having gala time.
The New Parent's Dilemma: Is it Okay for a Newborn to Sleep on My Chest?
Ah, parenthood – that wild rollercoaster ride of love, joy, and sleepless nights. And speaking of sleepless nights, one question that often keeps new parents tossing and turning (when they do get...
Baby with pacifier in mouth.
Pacify and Snooze: Can a Newborn Sleep with a Pacifier All Night?
Ah, the age-old debate of whether a pacifier is a parent’s best friend or worst nightmare. As a seasoned parent, I’ve danced this wobbly tightrope of sleep deprivation and soothing strategies....
Brother and sister playing together.
How Can You Carry a Newborn and Toddler Without Dropping the Ball?
So, you’ve found yourself with not one, but two tiny humans to wrangle (just like me). Congratulations! Welcome to the chaotic, wonderful world of parenting multiple kiddos, where every day is an...