Understanding the Symphony of Baby Cries

Hello there! I am sister number two, and I am going to share something crucial you probably know already, but I would still like to share!

As a new mother, the thing that concerns us the most is why babies cry! It’s a primal melody that induces a series of emotions- from exhaustion to nightmarish frustration. As a new mother, it used to make me terrified to no end!

Oh, those naive days of pregnancy! I used to imagine a tranquil scene of cooing and cuddling and the repetition of the process! But fate had other plans stored for me!

The Whirlwind of Advice: From Swaddling Techniques to Soothing Lullabies

My first step was to take advice from my friends and family. And I am at a loss amidst the whirlwind of various sorts of advice ranging from swaddling techniques to soothing lullabies

Some suggested feeding schedules, while others swore by white noise machines. Amidst this advice, it became clear that every baby is unique, and what works for one may not work for another.

Baby in swaddle.
Swadling helps babies to stay calm and comfortable.

The Rollercoaster of Emotions and Sleepless Nights

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months! But my attempts to soothe my baby failed miserably, which took a toll on my sanity and emotional well-being. Sleep became an expensive commodity as I spent numerous hours pacing the floors in an attempt to settle my agitated infant. 

The never-ending routine of feedings, diaper changes, and useless attempts at comfort left me feeling like a shell of my former self.

Questioning My Ability: Understanding the Language of Baby Cries

In that moment of despair, I found myself questioning my ability to be a parent! Was there some hidden underlying condition that I overlooked? The feeling of failure gnawed at me, fueling the inner doubt I was having about myself. Slowly, I started noticing a few things—a little but precious smile that reminded me of the universal bond of parent and child.

And then I realized something. My baby was not crying because of my shortcomings as a parent, but for him, it was the only way of communication!

Deciphering the Puzzling Language of Baby’s Cries

Armed with this newfound viewpoint, I set out on a mission of exploration, hoping to decipher the puzzling language of my baby’s cries. Through trial and error, patience, and perseverance, I learned to recognize the subtle clues and indications beneath the surface of their tears. 

Whether it was hunger, exhaustion, or simply a need for a warm embrace, I promised to be there for my child, to listen and respond with unwavering love and compassion.

As I started searching for the reasons behind my baby’s relentless cries, I discovered a thing or two:

  • Hunger Pangs: One of the most common causes for a newborn to cry is hunger. In those early days, it felt like my kid was always hungry, and their screams signalled that I needed to feed them. Establishing a feeding routine helped create a sense of predictability and comfort for both of us.
  • Discomfort: Babies are sensitive to even minor discomforts, such as a wet diaper, tight clothing, or an uncomfortable position. I immediately learned to check for these basic needs anytime my infant began wailing uncontrollably. Simple adjustments like changing a diaper or loosening clothing often provided immediate relief.
  • Fatigue: Babies grow fatigued, just like adults. However, they are unable to self-soothe and may show their tiredness through tears. Developing a peaceful and consistent bedtime routine helped my baby fall asleep and reduce overnight screaming bouts.
Little baby crying.
Most of the time, babies cry out of hunger.

Soothing Strategies to Calm Your Baby

After figuring out the reasons, I started looking for strategies that would soothe my baby. Holding my infant close to my skin gave my baby comfort and security while also regulating his temperature and heart rate.

The rhythmic motion of rocking or swinging used to have a calming effect on a crying baby. Whether it’s in my arms or a soothing baby swing, this technique often worked wonders. Additionally, gentle shushing sounds or soft music played a significant role in calming my baby during fussy periods.

Finding Confidence Through Understanding and Adaptation

As my baby developed and thrived, so did my confidence as a parent. I understood that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the challenges of parenthood, no guidebook to help you prepare for the trip ahead. 

Instead, it is a process of growth and adaptation characterized by both successes and failures, joys and tragedies.

Mother with baby.
Don’t give up; try to discover the inner confidence you probably didn’t know you had.

A Message of Hope for Exhausted Parents

So, to all the exhausted parents out there who are trapped in the labyrinth of their baby’s cries, take heart. You’re not alone. In the midst of sadness, there is laughing. Even in the depths of despair, there is hope. 

In the end, it is love – pure, unconditional, and unwavering – that will see us through even the darkest nights.